HiBri-Giants...Blue Great Danes and 
Black Giant Schnauzers
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NuVet Labs
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canadian callers please call-
use order code: 48589
Air shipping is available and generally runs around $350, to the lower 48 states .

feel free to pick up or set up ground travel/shipping.

$250 Non-refundable deposits are accepted to hold your pick puppy.  

deposit will only be returned if we do not have the sex (M or F) of the  puppy available that you put deposit down on.

All puppies must be paid for in full, including transportation, by 6 weeks old if being flown OR if using a check.  Other arrangements could be agreed upon by all parties, in writting,  in advance of the puppy being 6 weeks old.                                 

If a puppy is not paid for in full by 8 weeks and NO previous arrangements have been made, you are agreeing to forfeit your payments and the puppy will be available to be placed in another home.

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All of our pups, sold as companions, are sold on spray/neuter contract with limited AKC registration.  Prices advertised are for limited/Pet registration.
AKC papers will be sent to you when proof of spay/neuter is received by me.  Great Danes are generally spayed/neutered between 9- 11 mos. but go by your Vet's recommendation.

​Contract is binding so please make sure you read and understand it.

Please talk with me about your concerns or suggestions or about specific arrangements for payments.
Thank You,  Heidi


Munch-available- female
purple collar male, available- $1200

Our Blue Great Dane Daisy is a new Mom.  

2 blue males  
2 blue females 
2 blue brindle males

All pups are priced with limited AKC registration and spay/neuter contract.

You can also view more pictures and prices on our FaceBook / HiBriGiants page.
Munch is available-$1250
'Munch' is a large female with a large white marking on her chest.
Black collar female has white chest and is available- $1250
Blue brindle male - with collar is available- $1450
Blue brindle Male- with collar is available- $1450
Blue brindle - no collar- available- $1450
Blue brindle Male available - no collar is available $1450
Black collar female- available